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Mommy knows how!
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Being a mom I believe is the most rewarding opportunity in ones life.  I know that as a mom we will do whatever possible for our kids but sometimes forget that our identity is important too.  After having gone through some tough times dealing with a newborn and toddler and health issues of my baby I have finally put myself in line to find some time for me again.  A happy mom equals happy kids right? 
So I have turned my extra energy back to my hobbies that I once had before life with kids.  This would be crafts and sewing. 

Thank you for taking the time to view my creations.  For those wishing to make orders I can be reached at:

Mommy Knows How!


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As well as being a mom and having hobbies I am also a childcare educator who is always looking for what is best for children in their early stages of life.  I will be promoting items via use of reviews and websites throughout this site.  Please feel free to email me your questions or views that may go along with these items concerned.