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Mommy knows how!
Pillowcase dresses
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I recently was told about these cute dresses and went about making one for my daughter.  They are too cute and comfy.  They allow the baby or toddler to move and play comfortably and being that the dress is cotton it is easy to wash and wear.  The perfect outfit for play or going out.  It can be worn with a shirt underneath and pants or alone as a sundress.  The straps are made of gros grain ribbon or fabric from the dress sewn into tyes.  The neck line is elastic so that while the child is playing the dress is comfortable at all times.  (pulling it over the head is easier this way as well.)
Prices vary based on the fabric but most of these can be made for 20-25$. 
Please contact me with specifics of color or pattern you would like and the length of your little one from shoulder to where the dress would finish on your child.