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Yuck Yuck Reflux Bibs

Yuck Yuck Reflux Bibs
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Friends began to ask for blankets and baby items handmade by me.  When my daughter was born we had many health issues that needed addressing, one in which was reflux.  I was tired of having bibs on her 24hrs a day that had either velcro that irritated her skin or were just too loose with snaps that were non adjustable so her spit ups would linger in her neckline causing irritations as well.  I finally decide to put my creativeness to work and designed what I think is the best reflux bib ever.  It allows your child to have their neckline covered totally with it`s soft stretchy straps that knot up easily.  No more ribbons that you can`t remove with one hand...  and no more velcro that sticks to everything in the laundry.


These bibs are available in a selection of bright solid colors (green, blue, fushia, turquois, orange...etc) or striped or printed materials.
Solid color bibs are 3$ each
Striped or printed bibs are 4$ each
All prices are Canadian and the cheapest real shipping will be quoted once order is requested with postal or zip code.



These bibs are made with cotton stretch material.  They are double layered to add extra adsorbency.  Fits nicely under chin covering the neckline like a hankerchief would.

Bib front measures approximately 7 inches wide by 8 inches long with 1 inch wide straps that measure 6-7 inches long.
If these measurements need to be smaller or larger buyer may contact me for a more personal size, prices may vary.